Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Slipknot Mask for Fun

You've decided to go to the party, and would like to go as a clown. But, you'd like to put a different spin on things and trying to come up with exactly the right difference to make 'clowning around' have a whole new meaning. Here are some ideas in possible choices of a truly Scary Clown Mask.
"Stitches" is not intended to imply that the crowd will be laughing so hard that they will claim to be kept in 'stitches'. This clown mask is anything but funny, and should serve the purpose of getting a few screams. Mixing and matching different scary masks with the standard clown costume could have everyone ready to hug your neck, until they see the face.
"Rico" almost looks as if he is the one who is frightened, until you notice his teeth. Imagine a school of Piranha (the fish) about to strip the flesh from your bones. Now you get the picture of what this mask looks like, and how well you can change your clown costume to reflect a different image.
A freaker clown with bulging eyes and a chin that seems to drop all the way to the ground could have more than frightening responses at the Halloween Ball. This mask could turn a ballerina costume into a whole different scope of possibilities.
A ripper mask might be more what you are thinking about, and with this blue-gill monstrosity there would be plenty of screams for everyone. This could be the one to choose if you want a slight delay in response because at first it almost looks like a 16th century politician. Then you notice the rest of the features and it could be very scary, indeed.
You may be interested in a truly different concept in pumpkins with a Jack-O-Lantern mask that could scare an alligator. Or maybe a Lobis-Homem Werewolf mask would make your clown costume complete. There is always the choice of a mummy mask with most of the face skin missing, and then there is the odd combination of using a scary devil skull mask.
There are fractured faces, and spooky Jesters, flaming fire clowns and movable masks which can also be a perfect choice. Maybe a Slipknot clown, or a light-up Jigsaw, even a New Captain Spaulding could be what you are looking for in a Scary Clown Mask for this holiday season. Whatever your intentions, there is surely a mask that will serve the purpose.

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