Thursday, January 13, 2011

Slipknot - Taylor Lost Virginity to babysitter at the age of 11

SLIPKNOT figurehead COREY TAYLOR has exposed his private disgrace - he lost his virginity to a babysitter at the age of 11.

The rocker has squealed he turned sexually active long ahead the legal age of consent of 16 in his native Iowa, and accepts his first mate was "f*ked up" for desiring to sleep with a young boy.

 And Taylor felt so embarrassed after the experience that he avoided sex for two years.

He tells Kerrang! magazine, "I am so f**king embarrassed to tell that I lost my virginity while I was 11 years old... It was with a very f**ked up and very giving babysitter, let's put it that way!

"I do not believe I was really good at it that first time, though. After that I had a dry spell till I was 13. I was a bit better at it all by then, I think. I hope so anyway."

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