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There is nine members of slipknot band, grading from 0-8.

Sid Wilson are number zero and he runs the turntables.

Joey Jordison is number 1 and he are slipknot drummer. He was born on April 26, 1975. He acquired his first drum set in fifth grade. He was the one that created the Slipknot S logo. He was orginally a guitar player for his previous band ,called the Murderdolls, and he was in a band also called Anal Blast. He was the one that thought of referring to their fans as 'maggots'.

Paul Gray (R.I.P) is number 2 and he plays the bass guitar .He is Slipknot co-founder. Paul is half black.

Chris Fehn is number 3 and he is slipknot custom percussionist. He was born on February 24, 1974. He is considered to be the comedian of the group. He was in the band Shed before he was recruited into Slipknot. He also does alot of the backup vocals. (FYI : His nose is 7 inches long! lol)

Jim Root is number 4 and he is slipknot guitarist. He was born on October 2, 1971. He used to be a very timid guy until he became a part of Slipknot. He was in the newly revived band Stone Sour, along with the bands Dead Front and Atomic Opera. Most people refer to him as James.

Craig Jones is number five and he does their samples and media stuff. He was born in 1972 and his nickname is 133 MHz. He was orginally slipknot guitarist, but later switched to samples and media. The clip 'the whole thing i think is sick' was cut from a documentary on Charles Manson. 'here comes the pain' comes from a movie staring Al Pacino called, 'Carlito's Way'

Shawn Crahan is number six and he is another custom percussionist. He was born on September 24, 1969. He is the co-founder of Slipknot. He is an Executive producer for both Mudvayne and 40 Below Summer. He was the one that originally thought of using masks to make them stand out. He is the oldest member of the group and he does some backing vocals.

Mick Thomson is number seven and he is a guitarist. He was born on November 3, 1973. He is fascinated by serial killers and he is shorter than most of the band.

Corey Taylor is number eight and he mainly does their vocals. He was born on December 8, 1973. His nickname is 'Faith' and he used to work in a porn shop. His porn shop was where he was recruited for Slipknot. He has at least one baby. His baby's name is Griffin Parker Taylor who is nicknamed 'Itty Bitty Mouth'. The Dreadlocks on Corey's Mask are made from his real hair.
Within the confines, or lack thereof, of Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) lies a new level of musicianship, achieved through the hard work poured into supporting their self-titled debut and their subsequent hit album, Iowa. Produced by Rick Rubin, Vol. 3 not only captures the band's strengths to this point--it sees the spore that is Slipknot exploding in all directions. The songs on this daring effort transcend traditional hard music structure, and will surprise the uninitiated with their dynamic appeal. Masterful guitar work, visceral drum beats, and a newly expanded vocal range are highlights of this work that Corey Taylor (#8) calls "both brutal and beautiful." Much of the creative inspiration in evidence on the new album is owed to Rubin and his reputedly haunted mansion, in which the band lived while recording Vol. 3. "You can really feel [the effect of the mansion] on the album. There were ghosts in the machine, in the equipment. Things would freeze, things would loop for no reason at all. It was strange," adds Taylor. Paul Gray (#2) comments on what Rubin brought to the table. "Rick brought a huge amount of openmindedness--normally nine different people trying different things can be tough. Rick got us to just throw all our preconceived notions out the window. He was able to integrate bits and pieces of everyone's ideas."

The first single off Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses), "Dualitym" is "lyrically, what you might think...we've been through a lot as a band and the lyrics really reflect our maintaining faith and the perseverance of all nine of us," says Joey Jordison (#1). "Duality" represents the album well in its unwillingness to compromise the band's rock foundation and its ability to be aurally appealing and melodic at the same time. Other songs of note on the record, "Before I Forget" and "Vermillion," underline the statement made by "Duality," with their dark melodies and fierce instrumentation. "'Before I Forget' is about rising above the bullsh-t and being a person, not a human. It's about saying what you mean and meaning what you say--taking zero bullsh-t," adds Taylor, "and 'Vermillion' is a stalker's love song, shot thru his eyes. It's kind of a does-he-or-doesn't-he type thing; it's left open for you to decide."

Many profess to know numbers 0 - 8 through the aforementioned cover stories and other worldwide press. But those who truly know this Des Moines mob know them through their jaw-dropping live sets. Called the "Best Live band" in a recent Revolver magazine readers' poll, Slipknot are one of the few bands working today whose live show transcends the medium--a Slipknot show is an event unto itself. The band are currently headlining the Jagermeister Music Tour in the U.S., to be followed by a European tour as direct support for Metallica, then headlining the side-stage at Ozzfest this summer. Of this second-stage headline, Gray says "It's hard to feel the vibe when your crowd is 200 feet away. This was our chance to get back to connecting with our fans, and we're loving it." Past tours include Ozzfest 1999, Tattoo The Earth, and Pledge of Allegiance.

This go-'round, the band's look has evolved with their music. New, streamlined masks are a reflection of the changes in who the band members are, as people. Taylor adds "The mask thing started out because we wanted to show another side of ourselves through them. We have grown and changed, and so have the masks." About that growing and changing, Jordison says, "A lot of people won't ever understand why we do what we do, and the band thrives on that. The record itself represents that feeling of gratitude toward the people that refuse to let us die--the fans themselves. The time away only made us a stronger band, and the other projects absoluteley had nothing to do with the way this record was made. When all nine of us combine, we only know one sound, and that is the sound of Slipknot."

The natural order dictates growth and change as constants. Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) catches one of the most relevant and daring bands in the rock music realm, turning adversity into strength and honing their craft to precision.

In 2006, "Before i Forget" a single from the album brought the band their first Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance after six nominations!

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