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Jim Root

James "Jim" Root (born October 2, 1971) are the current rhythm guitarist for Slipknot and the current lead guitarist for Stone Sour.

He brought together on the end of the taping of the self-titled record album. At these point, early guitarist Josh Brainard had chose to leave the band referable his unhappiness on the direction of the band. Vocalist Corey Taylor asked for James to join the band, knowing him from their previous attempt in collaboration, the first incarnation of Stone Sour . The only track along the self-titled album on which James can be heard is Purity, but these song was dispatched from the record album due to a lawsuit and subsequent copies of the album do not feature any of James' playing.

Alike the rest of Slipknot , James is from Des Moines, Iowa . At 6'6", he is the most long-legged member of the band. He did work for a cover printer, waiter, and bus boy ahead joining Slipknot. James has acted in previous bands such as Deadfront, Anal Blast, and Atomic Opera. James are as well the co-guitarist for Stone Sour .

He and Corey reunified the band on the hiatus betwixt the Slipknot albums Iowa  and Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)

In Slipknot , most of the guitar work is quick, weighty. James and co-guitarist Mick Thomson arrange barter a few leads on the band's Vol 3 album (especially in The Pulse of the Maggots's solo), merely their music is otherwise nearly  devoid of guitar solos. Guitars in Slipknot rarely acquire the spotlight, rather, Mick and James fill in the sonic territory not absorbed by the band's other seven members. All guitars in Slipknot are tuned up to 1 1/2 steps down from dropped D (Low to high, B, F#, B, E, G#, C#,) except for on the songs My Plague, The Heretic Anthem, Skin Ticket, New Abortion and Iowa, on which they are tuned to B tuning dropped A (Low to high, A, E, A, D, F#, B.) Standard tuning is used on prelude 3.0.

James's working in Stone Sour concentrates more on building melodic metal anthems. Them has been rumoured that he will be bringing out a signature Fender Telecaster in ahead of time 2007, and these was confirmed by James Root in a late interview in the January '07 issue of "Total Guitar" magazine..

Other Fact
While James beginning joining Slipknot, he took ex-guitarist Josh Brainard 's mask. It was a black bondage masque that cloaked almost of his head. He had violet hair at the time and accustomed pull parts of it up by a hole in the top off the masque. After a couple of appearances and one photo shoot, he determined to change masks, as the bondage mask was too awkward to allow him to concentrate on playing guitar. He took a jester's mask, stated to represent that another of his personality. His most recent mask is a variation of this mask. It is still a jester's mask, but this one lacks the red diamond detailing around the eyes and a zipper in between the rims.
  • Root is 6'6" tall
  • His natural hair color is sandy blonde.
  • Previous to Slipknot, Root was in the bands Dead Front and Atomic Opera
  • Currently dating Italian vocalist Cristina Scabbia from the popular band Lacuna Coil
  • He is a smoker.
  • Newest member of Slipknot.

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