Friday, January 14, 2011

Mick Thomson

Hmmmm, i think the coolest mask on the slipknot is Mick Thomson's mask :D
anyone agree with me?
him, known as no #7 (we also find it on his guitar) on Slipknot and act as leading guitar
there is the list of his Equipment
  • Ovation MT37-5 Signature Acoustic
  • Ibanez MTM1 - Black with white binding
  • Ibanez MTM1 - Red with black binding
  • Ibanez MTM1 - White with black binding
  • Ibanez MTM Prototype - Black with white binding (features a standard headstock, instead of the reversed headstock of the MTM1)
  • Ibanez MTM Custom - Green with black pickguard & black binding; features and EMG single coil between the Blackout humbuckers
  • Ibanez Tele Custom - Telecaster-style body; vintage sunburst with passive Seymour Duncan pickups (JB in bridge and Classic Stack in neck)
  • Custom Shop BC Rich Warlock - Mahogany body, maple neck through with binding all around the body, neck and headstock, and HATE inlays 2nd-5th fret and MICK inlay on 12th fret.
  • Custom Shop BC Rich Bich - Arch top, maple neck through mahogany body construction with white binding with HATE inlays 2nd-5th fret and MICK inlay on 12th fret.
  • Unofficial Markmax Signature - Mahogany body, maple neck, neck-through construction, Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups, and black hardware. Manufactured in White and Black. Only 5 manufactured.

there is it, a guitar lesson video from him

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