Sunday, January 16, 2011

Craig Jones

Jones was born in Des Moines, Iowa. He previously played in various local extreme metal bands, including Modifidious, before joining Slipknot in February 1996. Feed. Kill. Repeat. which the band themselves have stated is not an album, but a demo. Before the year was over, Jones had been replaced by guitarist Mick Thomson, and he began to assume his role as the band's sampler and keyboardist
Craig also controls the guitar effects used live. His mask in the early days of Slipknot was a Gas Station mask with long needles, but eventually switched to a tight leather mask with six inch nails in it.
Craig Jones is the most elusive face of Slipknot, and until the the 'Duality' video shoot in Des Moines, IA, no fan had ever seen his true face knowingly. Craig Jones has given an interview about his samples to the company Cakewalk , which is the company he prefers when doing samples.
Jones is the only member of the band who is not interviewed completely unmasked on Voliminal: Inside the Nine. While he does not wear a mask during the interview, his face remains pixilated.
Jones once suffered from whiplash after an extended case of powerful headbanging.
Former Slipknot vocalist Anders Colsefni has implied that Jones is a misanthrope. While expressing distaste for Jones' behavior, Colsefni revealed that Jones was in fact the inspiration for the song "Killers Are Quiet". However a close friend of the band at the time, Frank Plumley, is credited for the song's relevant title. According to producer Ross Robinson, Jones was disturbingly quiet during their studio sessions.
Some have commented that the "serial killer" comments he has made may be his attempt at dark humor, in addition to his preference to speak during interviews exclusively with the zipper covering his mouth closed. In the video of the making of "Sulfur", Craig Jones is actually shown talking to the camera.
Jones originally wore pantyhose over his head, accompanied with a Spam t-shirt. Other times, he would wear a mask of wolf skin. This contrasts heavily to the mask he used during Slipknot's self-titled era.

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